High Asset Divorce

Many of our clients have above average income and assets, and they appreciate the need for an experienced attorney who can analyze unusual situations and provide a clear explanation of their options. When assets are not easily divided or not liquid enough to divide, it’s important to fashion agreements that allow both to retain an ownership in a manner that is fair and reasonable – especially in a down market when the sale of such items would result in a financial loss.

Common Concerns for High Net Worth Couples

While the core issues surrounding divorce doesn’t change that much, there are many concerns unique to high net worth couples, including:

  • Alimony in long-term marriages
  • Complex financial litigation
  • Division of businesses, profit-sharing, and estates
  • Divorce tax questions
  • Real property considerations
  • Liquid and non-liquid asset distribution
  • Privacy

In addition to these concerns, many high net worth couples facing divorce also have child custody and support considerations. Ensuring that you are able to preserve your relationship with your child is often the primary area of conflict with these couples.

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How We Help

The hallmark of any successful divorce attorney is where they can help their clients focus on short-term successes while keeping an eye on the big picture. Our clients appreciate our unmatched experience and understand that high-asset divorces involve a particular level of skill and strategy to give both parties the best possible foundation on which to move forward.

We ensure that our clients understand how spousal and child support will likely be determined by the court. Our deep knowledge of the guideline and experience with court computer software ensures we can establish guidelines and explain to our clients what they can expect after the divorce.

For those clients who want to retain assets rather than being forced to sell them at a loss, we are skilled at designing agreements that allow both to retain an ownership interest. Alternatively, we can help clients negotiate a loan from one party to the other with the loan secured by real property and paid for in an agreed upon manner.