Who We Serve

We provide Family Law, Mediation and Estate Planning services to residents of the Santa Barbara, Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo areas.

Our clients are interested in learning about their legal choices both in terms of process and results. Our goal is to ensure that our clients understand the information and documents needed to help them effectively make decisions and participate in the process of resolving their conflicts and/or achieving their goals.

We serve clients with a wide range of assets, income, goals and occupations.  In most all of our cases, we find that clients are most satisfied with the results when they are willing to educate themselves about what to expect from us as their legal team and what will be expected of them. 

Here are some links to additional information about our services if any of the following apply to you:

I want to know my options for getting divorced.

My spouse and I have children and we are planning to get divorced.

I am self-employed (or my spouse is self-employed) and we are planning to divorce.

My spouse and I own considerable assets are are planning to divorce