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Avoid the costly, painful, and time-consuming process of a traditional divorce. Meetings conducted online for your convenience. In-person appointments upon request.
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Mediation services available online for California divorces.  In person appointments serve San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara counties, including Paso Robles, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, Pismo Beach, Arroyo Grande, Atascadero, San Luis Obispo and surrounding areas

Hello, I’m Matthew Long

I  believe couples should be in charge of their own divorce.  With over 28 years of experience in the courtroom, I know when you decide to battle it out in court, you are essentially putting your fate in the hands of a judge.  The experience typically involves a massive amount of unnecesary paperwork, large amounts of time and money, high stress and emotional scarring.  And it is rare for either of the parties to feel good about themselves or the process in the end.

This is why I decided to put down the gloves and focus my law practice exclusively on Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Divorce for my clients in the state of California.

For those living both in and out of California, I also offer Divorce Coaching services.

Our focus is on respectful communication, whether you are starting or ending your marriage.

Collaborative Divorce

When you want to avoid going to court but the issues are complex, the personalities combative, there are minor children involved, or both parties are not equally knowledgeable about the financial situation, Collaborative Divorce is an excellent option. This option involves using a team of advisors to help the parties learn to exchange information and negotiate in an open and honest way. My Collaborative Divorce services are available to residents of California. Learn More

Divorce Mediation

When couples are willing to work cooperatively to end their marriage, Mediation offers just that. With mediation, I serve as the neutral third party, offering legal education to you, assisting with the important paperwork, writing the Marital Settlement Agreement and submitting it to the court. Mediation is typically the least stressful and most cost-effective way to get divorced with the assistance of an attorney. Our mediation services are available to residents of California. Learn More

Performance Coaching

Do you have a goal that you’ve been trying to reach but find yourself continually falling short? As a performance coach, I provide clients with a safe, confidential space to develop specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound goals. I support you to take the steps necessary to achieve your goals and identify the thoughts, stories and behavior patterns that are standing in your way.   Learn More

Spouse Uncooperative?

Sometimes couples don’t agree on how to get divorced.  If your spouse isn’t receptive to exploring an out-of-court approach to divorce, we may be able to help you influence a change-of-mind.

Compare the Costs of Your Divorce Options


Typical Cost of Litigation (Per Spouse)

$5 to 7.5K

Typical Cost of Mediation (Shared Cost)


Typical Cost of Collaborative (Per Spouse)

Be Informed.

Know the 4 Ways to Get Divorced Before Taking the Next Step

From Our Clients

We are dedicated to helping you resolve your legal issue efficiently, honestly and professionally.

I would recommend Matthew Long to anyone who is looking for a lawyer who is efficient, honest and of high integrity.  He understood what I was going through and gave support in an empowering way.  Matthew Long really wants people to have their best life going forward and does what he can to make that happen.

Mary S.

I interviewed three attorneys before selecting Matthew Long as my attorney.  I was impressed with him.  My family trust involved one heir, and we were able to complete the trust in one session.  His advice and knowledge of the family trust situation was impeccable.  I am confident that my Santa Barbara property will be seamlessly inherited by my heir.  I recommend him with five stars out of a five star rating.”

Al S.

“It was not a hard decision for me to hire Matthew Long as my attorney. We were introduced during the middle of my court proceeding and Mr. Long had to take over my case due to unforeseen circumstances. He was very patient in listening to me, gathering the most information needed in a crunch time, and paid attention to all my concerns. He was direct and very confident in and out of the courtroom. Everyone involved in my case was every helpful. I was very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend Mr. Long.”

Karen R.

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Avoid The Top 8 Mistakes Most People Make When Divorcing.

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